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It is more important now than ever before to keep our kids strong and healthy!

With so many "Immune boosters" on the market it is so difficult to choose the right one but making the right choice is crucial to keep your kids safe, especially now that they are going back to school with COVID19 hanging over our heads. 

What should your kids be on:

Immune boosters

Immune boosters should firstly contain the right ingredients. You can't just throw a few vitamins and things in a bottle and call it an immune booster. Your immune booster should be separate from your vitamin supplement and contain ingredients well known for specifically boosting immunity. It should also, especially for kids, contain no sugar, colourants, flavourants or preservatives. 

Making sure your child has all the correct vitamins is also crucial. Vitamin C and B vitamins are the most important. Many kiddies vitamins contain more sugar than anything else and contain such tiny amounts of vitamins that they are almost not worth taking. Your child should be on at least 200mg Vit c a day as well as a really good multivitamin like BIOSTRATH.
Healthy food

Not all kids are fond of eating healthy foods but it is really in your best interest to disguise blended veggies in sauces and come up with clever ways to get their fruits and veggies in. Reduce dairy and sugar as much as possible and replace with tasty alternatives. Dairy and sugar are the worst mucous causing foods that especially now, is very detrimental to immunity.

What makes our super strong amazing

Normally when your child starts with a sore throat or runny nose, you know it is all downhill from there. No matter what you try, inevitably you end up going to the doctor for antibiotics and all through the winter your child never recovers fully. 

This year, with COVID19 is it so much more scary!

In the 15 years that our products have been around we have learned that if you take maximum dosage of our SUPER STRONG for kids and IMMUNE POWER for adults as soon as symptoms start, illness can be avoided completely! If it manages to stick around, it is normally much less severe and the person recovers very quickly. 

The magic formula

As a mom myself, I have managed to find the magic formula that stops colds and flu right in their tracks!

Here is it:

Super strong - Double dosage on bottle

Biostrath - Double doage on bottle

Vitamin C - Up to 200mg for every 10kg of body weight

This combo must be given at the first sight of symptoms. Then again at bedtime and in the morning for 2 consecutive days. 

If symptoms persist, keep taking this combo 2 times a day. 

our IMMUNE products


Super stRong


For immune boosting and disease fighting in kids.

Contains: Echinacea, Olive leaf and Astragalus in a base of glycerine, ethanol, colloidal silver and water


immune power

90 capsules

For immune boosting and disease fighting in adults.

Contains: Echinacea, Olive leaf and Astragalus




For sinus, mucous and allergies

Contains: Echinacea, Elder, Eyebright, Golden rod, Ginger, Marshmallow root, Plantain and Thyme in a base of glycerine, ethanol, colloidal silver and water


funny tummy


For stomach paid and distress

Contains: Chamomile, Fennel, Cinnamon, Valerian, Peppermint leaves and Marshmallow root in a base of glycerine, ethanol, colloidal silver and water


Coughy Geoffy


For coughing and respiratory illness

Contains: Aniseed, Coltsfoot, Jie Geng, Mullein, Elder, Licorice root, Marshmallow root and Plantain  in a base of glycerine, ethanol, colloidal silver and water


hotty dotty


For any head infections - sinus, throat, ears, etc

Contains: Echinacea, Golden seal, Chapparal, Forsythia, Honey Suckle and Myrrh in a base of glycerine, ethanol, colloidal silver and water

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Why do the kiddies sprays contain alcohol you may ask?

Unfortunately using alcohol is the only way one can extract the herbs into a liquid state and preserve it. All herbal and homeopathic drops contain alcohol for this reason. 

It is important to take into consideration the dosage of the drops. Even tough there is 16% alcohol in the bottle, there are 400 sprays in a bottle. This means that for each dosage (2 sprays) that your child is receiving, that is 0,25ml of the formula of which 0.04ml is alcohol. 

When an adult drinks a beer they are consuming approximately 12ml pure alcohol per beverage. If you work on a 1 year old being roughly the size of 1/10 of an adult, they would need to consume 1.2ml (30 x 0.04ml) alcohol to have the same effect as a beer. 

So you can see that it is really a very tiny amount and the herbs in the drops far outweigh the alcohol.