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Make sure you are taking the right herbal supplements

Often people take whatever they see advertised and are not taking the right combinations they need


When treating any condition it is essential to first and foremost detox the body so that the medicine can work properly. 

Many diseases are due to toxic overload so once this is done we can see what symptoms are still there. 

Then we look at the symptoms and analize where they are coming from and what the underlying conditio is. There is no point in treating the symptons without treating the causes. 

Once the correct remedy is found and starts working it will normally be taken for a duration of time to fix the problem. 

It can then be taken on a maintenance basis to ensure the problem does not recur. 

How does the consultation work?

  • Just fill in the booking form. As much detail as possible is recomended so that we dont waste time with basic details
  • We schedule a time via email and contact you via skype or whatsapp video call!
  • Our herbalist does a short consultaion (5-10 minutes) to recomend the best course of action for your condition. 

It is completely free!

Yes, it's Free!

We have a range of wonderful, purely herbal remedies of which some will most likely be recomended during your consultation along with other products you can get from your health shop or pharmacy but you are under no obligation to buy anything!

We just want to make sure you are taking the best care of yourself!

Meet our herbalist

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