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It’s not a secret. Customers love our products. Have a look at some of our latest testimonials from real customers.

Best Out There

I have tried every product on the market for my spastic colon and nothing worked. Then a friend suggested the IBS Formula and Digest Energy and my life has changed. I couldn’t believe how fast it worked!


Amazing Service

I ordered online and the couriers broke my package. When I called Pure Herbal Remedies they immediately dispatched a new package for me and included a free product to make up for the inconvenience of waiting. What amazing service!


I have been using laxatives for years, always worrying about the damage it was doing to my colon long term. When I came across Colon Support I was delighted to hear that it helps restore colon function. After taking it for a month I could already start reducing the dosage and after 3 months (and a few diet changes) I am only using it when needed. Wow! What an amazing product!

Saved my life!

My wife had been telling me for years to get my colon checked out but I always though it would just sort itself out. After doing the “Rate your risk for colon cancer” quiz I got a fright and realized I was doing everything wrong. I finally got the courage to go to my doctor and get the necessary tests done and was unfortunately diagnosed with chrohn’s disease. Luckily it was caught early and with some diet changes and herbal treatments it now seems to be under control.  I really wish I had listened to my wife sooner!

Highly Recommended!

My 3 year old son had been suffering from constant ear and throat infection and was prescribed antibiotic after antibiotic. I finally decided that there must be another way and started investigating herbal alternatives. I put him onto Snotty Totty and Hotty Dotty and the infection was gone in just 2 days. He is now using the Super Strong to keep his immune system strong and if he just sneezes I give him the other 2 remedies. I am so glad to report that he hasn’t been ill again! I would highly recommend these products!

Fantastic range!

I started using the Colon Support for constipation 6 years ago and it worked so well that every time one of my family members got sick I went to Pure Herbal Remedies’ website to see if they have something that can help and every time we have ordered their products it has worked like a bomb! We now have nearly the whole range in our “herbal pharmacy” at home and head straight for it whenever needed. What a fantastic range!

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