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and give added value to  your clients

All health practitioners may sign up as practitioner agents. This means that you get the products at wholesale price. 

This includes herbalists, doctors, homeopaths, nutritionists, chiropractors, aromatherapists, iridologists, reflexologists, bodytalk practitioners and anything similar. 


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WHAT IF YOU COULD give your clients more value?

We know how much effort it took you to build up your practice and how difficult marketing can be, especially to get new clients.

So what if you could double your income from the same clients you already have? The key is to offer your clients more value and thereby move them up on your value ladder. Most practitioners offer only one or two services and sadly miss out on value ladder benefits.

A value ladder looks something like this:

A dentist, for example, will offer a cheap or even free teeth cleaning to get customers in the door. From there they can then "upsell" to their clients and offer more value for more money. The more a client trusts you, the more they want from you and the more they are willing to pay for it! For this reason, if you do not have a value ladder, both you and your clients are missing out!

So that's where we come in. Not only can you sell our products as an "added value", "extra income", "convenience factor", we will also help you build this value ladder as your practice and our relationship with you grows. 

It is a win win! The client loves the convenience of being able to get the products recomended by their loved practioner immediately and not having to go to a shop and stand in the queues and explain what they need. They also have peace of mind knowing they got the right product and that you are doing all you can to help them. The practitoner benefits from the added sale and the increased trust of your client. 

The offer

  • No sign up costs or paperwork to fill out
  • Free courier if you order 12 or more products
  • Free webpage where clients can order and you earn the difference between wholesale and retail price
  • Free training videos and catalogues
  • Free samples with your first order
  • Free marketing guidelines
  • Monthly specials
  • Free graphic designing for any adverts you would like to promote the products with


being a Practitioner agent

Sign up

Simply sign up on the form below and we will send you our wholesale price list.

You then just send us your practice details and your order.

It's so easy!!!

Upon order we will send you the invoice. As soon as payment is received we will courier your order to you. 

After your first order account terms can be negotiated.

Courier fees

If you order 12 or more products we cover the courier fees. For orders less than 12, a R100 will be charged for delivery. 

our products

Our products are all purely herbal and are of the best quality available. They contain no binders, fillers, nutriceuticals or anti-cacking agents. The company is 15 years old and is well known as being a health shop and practitioner exclusive range. 

Digestive range

This range consists of 6 products:

Colon Support

IBS Formula

Hepatic Support


Candida Support

Digest Energy

Kiddies range

This range consists of 7 products:

Hotty Dotty

Coughy Geoffy

Snotty Totty

Super strong

Funny tummy

Bouncy Bunny


Glandular range

This range consists of 5 products:

Thyroid support

Pancreas Support

Adrenal Support

Prostate support

Ladies Support

Wonder herb range

This range consists of 6 products:







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the benefits of our remedies

100% herbal

No binders, fillers, anti-caking agents, sugars or colourants

Treats the causes with the symptoms

Specific for your condition

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