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what if you could earn a real extra income and help others while doing it?

Everyone can do with an extra income but for some people who have been severely affected by the lockdown, like nursery school teachers, an extra income is no longer a luxury but rather a neccesity. We are not all sales men and you don't need a get rich quick scheme or someone trying to steal the little bit of money you have left or any kind of scam. You need something that will legitimately make you money right now while feeling like to you are making a contribution to the health of others! You need something that is easy to sell and doesn't even feel like selling, and you need to know that you will be succesful doing it.

How we can help

When you become a Pure Herbal Remedies agent we give you all the tools neccesary to be successful. Firstly, you get your own webpage where people can order their products and you earn the commission (or you can sell out of hand . . . there are pros and cons to each option). 

If you are a nursery school teacher, you already have access to a huge market of parents who want to protect their kiddies from getting sick during this time. If you are a mother, you have contact with other moms who prefer healthy alternatives to harmful medicines or fiends who need herbal substitutes for medicines they are taking. Word of mouth selling is always the easiest option but even if you are not a salesman, we give you all the tools to sell online.

The first step would be to watch our 5 short videos (5 minutes each) to get training on the products.

Then you familiarise yourself with your own personal webpage we have built for you.

Third, go to our marketing guideline page and read through all the ways you can market the products.

Post the advert we give you on your facebook profile.

Start implementing the things you learn on the marketing page.

Send people the digital catalogues via whatsapp or email.

Use facebook adverts to market on your facebook page.

What you get


Your own webpage


2 Samples of your choice


Marketing strategy and assistance


Digital Marketing catalogues to email or whataspp clients


A Facebook advert (Click for Image)


product training videos



R28 000


only R499

We give you all this for only R499...once off!!!

We want to make sure you succeed and will do everything in our power to make sure you do!


being an agent

Sign up

Simply sign up on the form below, then we will send you the link to your own website page, the product training link, the marketing page link, the digital catalogues and your samples.

It's so easy!!!

Sell to your friends
Our products are so easy to sell!

Everybody wants to be more healthy and we have the perfect herbal range for everyone's needs. Our remedies have been used for over 20 years and clients keep coming back for more. 

Help people and be free

Your paycheck is in your own hands! The more people you help, the more money you make!!!

More money means more freedom, more time with your family and more time doing what you love!

how does it work?

There are 2 ways to sell the products and make money:

1 - Sell through your webpage


You keep no stock on hand and do not have to handle deliveries, orders or any admin! We do everything for you so that you don't have to.


Clients order from your webpage and get a 10% discount coupon so it is cheaper for them to order through you than through us directly.


Our automated system tells us it is your sale and it gets logged as your commission.


We send the order placed on your webpage directly to your customer.


You get paid your commission.


2 - Sell out of hand


You keep stock on hand and supply to your clients directly. 


You order directly from your own webpage and get 10% off.


Our automated system still tells us it is your sale and it gets logged as your commission.


We send the order placed on your webpage directly to you.


You sell for the full retail price and still get paid your commission so you make your commision plus the 10% which you were discounted.

how much money can i make?

  • If you sell 10 or less bottles a month you will earn 20% commision
  • If you sell 11-50 or less bottles a month you will earn 25% commision
  • If you sell 51+ bottles a month you will earn 30% commision
  • You get paid for every bottle that is sold through your webpage.

how does THE SIGN UP work?

  • Just sign up using the form below and pay your R499 agent joining fee.
  • We create you your own website page where your clients can order
  • You get access to our marketing page where we teach you exactly how to market the products and give ongoing marketing guidance.
  • We send you 2 samples of your choice to try out for yourself

how do the sales work?

Sell out of hand

  • Order on your own webpage using a 10% off coupon
  • Insert your own adress and pay for your order
  • You can then resell the products you bought for the full retail price which means you make your normal commision as well as the 10% which they would have received on the webpage coupon!

refer to your webpage

  • Refer clients to your personalized web page.
  • We show you exactly how to do your marketing
  • We pay you your commision on a monthly basis

our products

Digestive range

This range consists of 6 products:

Colon Support

IBS Formula

Hepatic Support


Candida Support

Digest Energy

Kiddies range

This range consists of 7 products:

Hotty Dotty

Coughy Geoffy

Snotty Totty

Super strong

Funny tummy

Bouncy Bunny


Glandular range

This range consists of 5 products:

Thyroid support

Pancreas Support

Adrenal Support

Prostate support

Ladies Support

Wonder herb range

This range consists of 6 products:







become an agent now!!!


the benefits of our remedies

100% herbal

No binders, fillers, anti-caking agents, sugars or colourants

Treats the causes with the symptoms

Specific for your condition

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