General Questions

How much is the courier charge if I order from the website?

A flat rate of R120 is automatically added to your shopping cart. This covers any place in South Africa.

If you order R500 or more, shipping is free!

We are based in Stilbay so unfortunately collection is not possible.

Your order should take 3-5 working days to arrive.

What makes these products different?

The ancients knew that the body consists of vibrating energy (at 570 trillion times per second) and that herbs formulated correctly can influence this frequency, resulting in perfect health. Each capsule contains 500mg of pure raw herb, formulated a master herbalist, who is accredited in natural medicine and studied the ancient way of herbal formulation. They have been used by natural practitioners and health shops for almost 20 years!

I am a bit confused as to which formula to use. How do I know?

Each formula has pointers as to what they are ideally for. If you have about 3 of the symptoms then you know that one will work for you. If there is more than one formula that looks like yours, use the two that seem to be most for you. Just use one capsule of each three times daily.
Digest Energy is the most general formula and is suited to most people.

Can I take these products while I am pregnant or breast-feeding?

No, unfortunately not. Many herbs like Chamomile (used in IBS) contract the uterus, which can be potentially dangerous for the baby. Not much research in general has been done on using herbs while pregnant or breast feeding so although most are known to be safe, it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

Why is there alcohol in the kiddies range?

All herbal and homeopathic drops contain alcohol as it is used to extract the active ingredients from the herbs and also to preserve the product. 

The amount of alcohol that your child gets per dosage is very tiny and should not have any effect on the child.

Digestive range questions

How do I know if I have a colon problem?

Any of the following symptoms could indicate you have one.
• Indigestion (You are eating the wrong foods and they can’t be digested).
•Constipation (You should go after every meal you eat, anything less is constipated)
•Bloating and gas (Your food is not digesting properly)
•Diarrhea (Your colon is irritated by something)
•Nausea (Your liver is toxic)

What am I doing wrong?

We get taught that bread gives us power but actually wheat products are so genetically modified and hence cannot be digested. Being South African we also go heavy on red meat and alcohol. Red meat is so tough to digest that it can sit in the intestines for ages.These indigestable foods form a black, rubbery lining on the colon wall, stopping it from working properly. The thicker this lining becomes, the less the muscle movement of the colon can work and the more you get blocked up.

Why is a toxic colon such a problem?

The colon is the main method for your body to eliminate toxins. When it can’t you get about as toxic as a sewer and all the other organs start giving out too, causing tiredness, bad skin, bad body odour, sinus, weak immune system and even cancer. Basically your body comes to a halt, kind of like when you put a banana in a car’s exhaust.

So, what’s the answer?

Take it easy on wheat, red meat and alcohol and detox with Pure Herbal Remedies. These remedies relieve your symptoms as well as regenerating any damage done.

How long should I be using it for?

This really depends on the severity of the condition. A small colon problem can be repaired in about 2 to 4 weeks and a more severe problem can take up to 12 months to repair depending also how long you’ve had it for. Normally it takes a month of good diet and supplements for each year you’ve had the problem for. As your symptoms improve you can start lowering your dosage, one capsule at a time until you are on zero capsules with zero symptoms. After that you can take it on a when needed basis.

Do I have to use the products forever and is it safe for long term use?

No, you don’t need to take it forever as your colon will repair and then you can use it on a when needed basis. For example: when you have over eaten or want to do a detox or have been eating bad foods like over the Christmas period.

All our products stimulate the body to work properly so are safe for long term use.

I have been on laxatives for years. Will colon support work for me?

Yes, because it is not a laxative you might still need to continue using laxatives with Colon Support while it works on repairing the muscles of the colon. You will find that the more the Colon Support works, the less laxatives you will need so you can wean yourself off laxatives completely.

Can I use these formulas after a colon operation or with cancer?

If the Colon is severely damaged use only IBS formula until it is not so sensitive anymore. Then start using small doses of Colon support to make sure the colon stays clean. When the colon is clean, it will help prevent the cancer from spreading and degeneration from taking place.

How do I know when I need to lower my dosage?

If you are feeling better over a period of a couple of days, try a smaller dosage and see how you feel. This is how you slowly wean yourself off something. With Colon support you will get diarrhea if your body has had enough. This is simply a sign that you don’t need that much so lower your dosage. If less that 3 capsules a day does this, you need a gentler formula, so change to Digest Energy instead.

What caused my digestive problem?

There are many causes of which bad diet and stress are the most common ones. Go to the conditions page for more info on your digestive problem.

How soon can I expect results?

If your colon is reasonably healthy you should see results with Colon Support in about 8 hours, IBS about 20 minutes and Digest Energy anything from 20 minutes to 8 hours (depending on what you are using it for). For more serious conditions it can take from a couple of days to about a week to start regulating the system.