Our products are all purely herbal with no nutraceuticals, fibers, fillers, anti cakeing agents or binders.

Digestive range

The Digestive range consists of 6 products:

Colon support, Hepatic Support, Digest energy, IBS support, Candida Support and Paraherb. 

Glandular range

The Glandular rage consists of 5 products:

Adrenal support, Ladies support, Prostate support, Thyroid support and Pancreas support

Kiddies range

The kiddies range is made up of 7 products:

Bouncy bunny, Coughy Geoffy, Snotty Totty, Funny Tummy, Paraherb, Hotty Dotty and Super Strong

Wonder herbs range

The Wonder herb range is all individual herbs namely:

Turmeric, Cayenne, Awhwaganda, Artimisia, Rhodiola and Moringa

Immune boosters

We have an immune booster for adults called "Immune Power" and for kids there is "" Super Strong