Home Remedies for babies and children (download)

As a parent, when our children get sick, one of the first things we want to do is to run to the doctor or start dosing our children with everything in the medicine cabinet. The responsibility and the fears associated with parenting are over whelming at the best of times but even more so when our kids get sick. Unfortunately, neither of the two alternatives are always possible or the best option. Most parents have experienced that when their child gets sick it is normally on a Sunday, public holiday or the middle of the night when there are no doctors or pharmacies available and you normally end up with a screaming child, feeling helpless and frustrated, until you can get them to a doctor or the pharmacy opens. On top of this it is sometimes difficult to know how serious an illness is and it is easy to get caught in the trap between being negligent by denying your child urgent healthcare and being the over reacting mother that runs to the emergency room for every ailment.

Most minor ailments that affect children can be treated with over the counter medicine or home remedies but many professionals are questioning the long-term effects of giving synthetic drugs to young children. Using natural remedies for these minor ailments is a far safer option and reduces the chemical intake for your child and the long-term effects that might have on him. We are moving towards a much more health conscious society where parents are choosing to keep their kids as pure as possible for as long as possible by avoiding pharmaceutical drugs, colourants, preservative, processed foods and all the other toxins we are so exposed to on a daily basis.

Even physicians agree lately that prescribing antibiotics and other drugs is not always recommended for children, however doctors sometime feel pressure to prescribe something even though he knows that the condition will disappear in a few days without drug intervention just to make the parent feel that the visit was time and money well spent.

 This downloadable ebook is aimed at empowering parents by firstly giving them an idea of what could be wrong with their child and secondly to help them know what to do and when and thereby slightly reducing the helpless feeling a parent has when their child is sick…at least now you can do something and have more knowledge about what may be going on with your little one.

Home Remedies for Babies and Children is categorized under symptoms and areas of the body so you can easily and quickly look up what is wrong with your child. You simply look up the symptom, e.g. vomiting and there you will see what all the possible causes could be, what you can do to help, what natural remedies you can try, what conventional remedies you can try, how to know when it is serious as well as when a doctor’s visit or even hospital emergency room visit is necessary.

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