Prostate Support (50ml)

This formula is for

  • Restoring prostate function
  • Prostate inflammation

Prostate Support helps to restore prostate function while relieving inflammation of the prostate.

Prostate Support contains:

  • Saw Palmetto – tones and strengthens the male reproductive system, boosts male sex hormones, antibiotic, urinary antiseptic, aphrodisiac.
  • Echinacea – antibiotic, anti inflammatory, tonic, vasodilator, boosts immune system.
  • Golden seal – Antibiotic, anti inflammatory, immune booster.
  • Nettle – General tonic, diuretic, anti inflammatory, increases circulation, eliminates uric acid and kidney gravel.
  • Horsetail – Diuretic, anti inflammatory, helps for prostate disorders, stops blood in the urine, anti rheumatic, immune booster, prevents bladder infections, stops incontinence, preserves elasticity of connective tissue.
  • Uva Ursi – antiseptic, soothes, tones and strengthens urinary system, diuretic, helps disorders of the pancreas, liver, spleen, small intestine, bladder, kidneys and prostate.
  • Marshmallow root – soothes the urinary tract and any other mucous membranes, anti inflammatory, bladder infections.
  • Cayenne – increases blood flow, increases oxygen to cells, acts as a catalyst for other herbs.

Who should use it: Anybody who suffers from prostate problems or who are interested in keeping a healthy prostate.
Who should not use it: Women and children.
Dosage: 20 drops 3 times per day. Dosage can be increased for severe cases and decreased as symptoms improve.

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