Rate your risk at Colon Cancer

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According to US statistics colon cancer is killing 400% more people than Aids and is 35% higher in men than in women. It is the second most common cancer world wide and is fast on the increase. This high statistic is due to our bad diet consisting mostly of processed foods, excessive red meat and sugar and lacking in fibre and veggies. Constipation and the unwillingness to talk about it is another huge factor

It is amazing how many people are constipated or have colon problems and they don’t even know it. You should be having a bowel movement for every meal you eat but most people are lucky if they go once every two days.
If you feel bloated, have smelly gas, get heartburn or don’t go at least once a day, you have a digestive problem.
If left for long enough it can lead to much more serious illnesses such as ulcers and absorption problems leading to many other serious illnesses and even cancer.
When the colon is blocked with toxins, the body tries to get rid of them in other ways, which could lead to fatigue, sinus, skin problems, weak immunity, depression, moodiness, irritability, and difficulty in loosing weight.

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